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Forever Black Tire Gel

Forever Black Tire Gel

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Forever Black Tire Gel

Item Description

Ordinary tire dressing needs to be re-applied just about every time you wash your automobile. Our Forever Black Tire Gel actually dyes your tires black once more--so it will not wash off or fade for months. The hand-held applicator sponge ensures that it goes on evenly, with no messy spray to end up on wheels and paint. Protects tires from harmful UV rays, too. Oil and silicone totally free. Protected for the atmosphere. 8 fl. oz.


Forever Black Tire Gel


Product Functions

  • Wipes on uncomplicated, Black pigmented polymer
  • Water-based Silicone and oil absolutely free, Restores faded look
  • Protects against UV damage, Does not attract the dust
  • Lasts for months, Not a dressing but a dye. Will stain clothing
  • Environmentally protected
Forever Black Tire Gel

Customer Reviews

I began using the Forever Black Tire Gel Kit right after I got my Goodyear Eagle GT's on my 2005 Ford Thunderbird. I like to customize my vehicles so I sent my new tires sent to Diamondback Classics Tires in Conway, South Carolina. Upon their arrival there, Diamondback "sanded" micron by micron almost all of the lettering and lines from the sidewalls to give them what is called a "Smoothie" appearance, and giving the tires an old bias-ply, super smooth appearance. Well,they looked completely awesome upon installation, but they were dust "magnets".
So I ordered the Forever Black Tire Gel Kit and what a difference it made. The Smoothies look like they are nearly always shiney. And they look very, very jet black. If you are a detail-oriented individual, someone who loves to make their car look their best at all times, Forever Black Tire Gel Kit is an inexpensive "freshen-up" for those tires. You may want to do two or three full applications your first time out of the box to get the best, deepest black, and then just maintain your vehicle as usual. I apply it now about once every 6 to 8 weeks (depending on how much I drive)for a lasting effect.
It's easy too. Just FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS and apply it SLOWLY for the first couple of rounds or until you get the feel of it and are comfortable with applying it. You may want to have a couple things with you before you start: small stool to sit on, microfiber cloths, small foam brush for around wheel, it is sort of hard to get off your wheels. IN THE EVENT YOU GET THE GEL ON YOUR WHEELS, you can easily wipe it off while wet, but if you missed a spot and it got on your rims and dried, go to a car wash with a pre-soak and high-powered wand, it will come right off. It is a type of dye so you do want to be careful, and make sure you understand the directions.
You won't be disappointed. I hope you have fun with it, I know I have!

As one who is anal about their vehicle (clay and use my port 7424 Porter Cable buffer a few times per year), I have tried many products. In fact, I have tried Forever Black, and when I ran out and stock was out on line, I tried other products and immediately came back. It makes your tire deep black using dyes, as it says, without the tacky shine that most $3 sprays from local auto store will get you. If you want tacky shine, there are tons of products out there that will do it. This is a water based product, so it won't damage your rubber. With a couple of applications (leaving about an 1 hr or so between) it gives me that beautiful satin sheen that I like. Also, unlike those sprays, it does not attract dirt like other tire dressings do, and I can wash the tires with soap and a soft brush 5-6 times before I have to reapply. I also have the water based 303 Aerospace Protectant as well which I use on my dash only a couple of times a year (strongly recommended if you don't want a shiny dash that collects dirt). I used on my tires for a while but found it turned my tires brown after an extended period of time, like some of the other tire dressings on the market. Also, gave me a bit more shine than I like. Caution with Forever black though...have a rag on hand in case you get it on your wheels because the dye will dry and its a pain to get off if you leave it.
Folks, leave the bright wet-look shine for beautifully detailed paint and wheels....not your tires


Forever Black Tire Gel


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