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Thule 10mm CS10 Super-Premium Passenger Car Snow Chain, Size 090 (Sold in pairs)

Thule 10mm CS10 Super-Premium Passenger Car Snow Chain, Size 090 (Sold in pairs)

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 13 x 2.8 x 13 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 12.7 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • Shipping Advisory: This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order. Additional shipping charges will not apply.
  • ASIN: B000UNRJ2Y
  • Item model number: CS10-00204090-00204

By : Thule
List Price : $229.95
Price : $146.27
You Save : $83.68 (36%)
Thule 10mm CS10 Super-Premium Passenger Car Snow Chain, Size 090 (Sold in pairs)

Product Description
When the winter comes, Thule has the snow chains that get you there safely, quickly and in style. Thule, known worldwide as a manufacturer of highly innovative automotive racks and accessories, is proud to give the newest in their catalogue of winter gear. Thule's award-winning style team has worked extensively with the world's top automobile producers to re-engineer the standard snow chain. Tested in the Italian Alps, this line of snow chains is surefooted and secure, as nicely as remarkably effortless to install and remove. To make certain you locate the perfect chains for your tires, check the Thule Snow Chain Fitment Guide and locate your tire size.
The disconnect manage makes removal speedy and hassle-free. View Bigger Superior Engineering and Design Thule snow chains are hand-made in Italy and are constructed of durable, hardened Manganese Nickel Alloy Steel. They feature dual-sided D-shaped links that deliver exceptional traction and guarantee extended item life. These snow chains make use of a patented self-centering and auto-tensioning method which adjusts itself for a wonderful fit. When the chains are wrapped around the tire, the installation procedure is completed when the car is set in motion. As the wheels turn, the self-centering and auto-tensioning system activates and the chain tightens around the tire. This eliminates the want to exit your car and brave the elements to re-adjust snow chains. For less difficult installation in the dark or through the day, all attachment points on the chains are color coded. In addition, every single set of Thule tire chains comes with a hard case, installation mat, pair of gloves, and spare links.
CS-ten ensures a solid grip on snow and ice. View LargerThule CS-ten - The Most Innovative and Fastest to Fit and Remove Thule CS-10 Snow Chains have all the benefits of other Thule snow chains nonetheless they have been developed to be even much easier to install and remove. To perfectly fit the chain, just connect the red hook-and-fastener parts and the self-tensioning program will take care of the rest. When you are prepared to remove the chain, just pull the red manage and the patented 1-hand speedy-disconnect system ensures that it pops off swiftly and easily. The asymmetrical 10mm diamond pattern chain with icebreaker reinforcements provide you the highest grip on snow and ice. Moreover, the specific anti-scratch nylon bumpers protect your investment by ensuring that the chains in no way really come in speak to with your wheels. Thule CS-ten, a excellent mixture of style, technologies and safety for your winter trips.
Tire size location. How to Opt for a Snow Chain that Fits Perfectly To select the suitable snow chain you must stick to a few hassle-free criteria. 1st, check your vehicle’s maintenance or owner’s manual to verify it consists of no warnings advising against the fitting of snow chains on your distinct automobile. Once verified, take cautious note of the three measurements on the side of the tire. The initial number indicates the width, the second gives you the aspect ratio (sidewall height as percentage of width) and the third denotes the diameter of the wheel expressed in inches. Then click on the Thule Snow Chain Fitment Guide to decide on the most suitable model and size for your automobile.
Thule is proud to introduce their new line of innovative snow chains which are hand-produced in Italy. The super-premium CS10 is the easiest and fastest snow chain to install and get rid of. With the patented external fast release the chain removes in much less than one particular second! These chains are secure for ABS/ESP systems and alloy wheels.


Thule 10mm CS10 Super-Premium Passenger Car Snow Chain, Size 090 (Sold in pairs)


Item Attributes

  • Patented External fast release removes the chain in 1 second!
  • Patented self centering and self tensioning system automatically tightens the chain about the tire when automobile is set in motion
  • Innovative design and unique color-coded assembing points support make installation much easier
  • Asymmetrical diamond pattern chain with Icebreaker reinforcements for the highest grip on snow and ice
  • Dual sided D-shaped links offer greater traction and extended chain life
Thule 10mm CS10 Super-Premium Passenger Car Snow Chain, Size 090 (Sold in pairs)

Customer Reviews

I got these to drive up into the mountains and snow shoe. A day after they arrived, Seattle got whacked with a brutal 7 day storm. These things are expensive, but they work as advertised. In particular, they are very easy to get on and, especially, off.
Since the highways here are clear and the side streets are ice, I've been having to put these on to leave the house, pop them off near the freeway, and then put them on again once I exit the freeway. I've never used normal chains before, so I can't say if these are faster to mount or un-mount, but they do go on in about a minute per tire and off in about 30 seconds. However, you will have to add time to back off them, since they always end up under the tire the way toast ends up falling butter down.
I have them on a base 2008 Honda Fit in case anyone cares. Front wheel drive and these mean I can go wherever I want. Excellent traction, but I'm more of a sucker for the ease.

just used these chains in tahoe after digging my car out of 3' of fresh snow on the sloped icy driveway of our ski house. after clearing the snow from the tires, the chains took about a minute for each tire to install. if I had used them before, it probably would have taken less time. my accord climbed up the driveway with barely any slipping...our friends AWD Subaru took 5 guys to help push it out. After I got to plowed roads the chains took about 30 seconds to remove. Just pull the "ripcord" and they basically fall off the tire. highly recommended!
the only reason I give them 4 stars is the manual recommends to not drive over 35mph with these chains. Driving on a 55mph road that was only partially snow-covered was pretty agonizing. And they're a bit expensive for something that only gets used every now and again...but for the convenience and time saved installing, I think they're worth every penny.
there's a video on youtube detailing the installation and removal of the chains. if you search for "konig chains" or "thule chains" it should come up.


Thule 10mm CS10 Super-Premium Passenger Car Snow Chain, Size 090 (Sold in pairs)


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