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AutoSock HP 735 Winter Traction Aid, For High Performance Tires

AutoSock HP 735 Winter Traction Aid, For High Performance Tires

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AutoSock HP 735 Winter Traction Aid, For High Performance Tires

Product Description
Unexpected winter weather can produce driving circumstances demanding significantly more traction than traditional tires -- or even snow treads -- can provide. But tire chains are bulky to shop and can be challenging to put on in cold, snowy weather. Now there is an hassle-free-to-use alternative to chains: Created in Norway, AutoSock is a new and innovative lightweight fabric-based, temporary traction help for vehicles and trucks that is simple to mount and gets a grip on slippery surfaces as snow and ice. AutoSock, a high-technology textile tire covering, utilizes specially patterned fibers that optimize grip on slick surfaces by managing the thin layer of water on top rated of ice and snow. By way of its weaving pattern and thousands of smaller fibers AutoSock clings to snow and ice, growing automobile traction, improving safety and adding to driver confidence.

With AutoSock, you will not encounter the rattles and bumpy ride linked with tire chains, and it is approved for speeds up to 30 mph. AutoSock is very easy to install following these rather simple actions: Cease the vehicle and apply the emergency brake, fit AutoSock to the drive wheels of the vehicle, beginning at the top rated of the tire and working downwards. Then, stretch the elastic band over the leading of the tire to the inside of the tire, tighten the crossing strap, and move the car roughly 3 feet and pull the remainder of the AutoSock into position. AutoSock automatically self-centers when you begin driving. When you’ re back on snow-free of charge roads, slip the AutoSock off and slip it back into the included storage bag.
Just after use, AutoSock ought to be put back in the storage bag till the destination is reached. Then they can be machine-washed and put back in the bag, ready to go for the next snow or ice storm. Note: AutoSock is not meant for serious snow conditions, and can not be substituted for chains for travel via mountain passes. The High Performance AutoSock accommodates performance tire sizes (typically OEM sizes for sports automobiles, SUVs, luxury vehicles, or +1/+2 wheel and tire aftermarket setups). It is also secure on aftermarket wheels and can be used with electronic traction control systems and ABS. For common tires, try AutoSock Standard.
AutoSock - the basic remedy to maximise grip on snow and ice. The secret: high efficiency fibers. A excellent temporary winter traction help for vehicles. Rapid and easy to fit and remove. Proven to strengthen cars' safety systems. Reusable. Approved by and sold to leading car manufacturers


AutoSock HP 735 Winter Traction Aid, For High Performance Tires


Item Capabilities

  • Simple and easy-to-mount, self-centering option to tire chains
  • Secure on aftermarket wheels and can be utilized with electronic traction manage systems and ABS
  • Lightweight, effortless-to-shop, reusable, and machine washable
  • Each set comes with two AutoSocks, user manual, storage bag, and gloves
  • Only one set per vehicle required, even for AWD and 4WD applications
AutoSock HP 735 Winter Traction Aid, For High Performance Tires

Customer Reviews

I bought Autosocks for my BMW because the wheel clearance was too tight to use chains. I can attest that they do indeed work as described, and that they really give amazing traction! Plus, it's pretty awesome getting looks from people who are jealous and confused at how your are able to drive on such a slippery road without chains. However, I am not sure I would recommend them overall...
My experience was that the Autosocks were very difficult to install. I'm sure it would have been easier to install them if my car had more clearance between the tire and the fender, but if that were the case I could have just used traditional chains anyway. I had to move my car probably 5-10 times as I scooted the autosock into place inch by inch before they were fully seated. This was about a 20 minute process, all of which was cold and filthy (in retrospect, I should have used my jack to lift the car to make installation easier). Then, although they did work well traction-wise, they did not stay in place well. They very quickly started to fall off, even though I bought the size that supposedly fits my tires... I had to limit my speed to 20 mph in order to not have them fly off my wheels.
Bottom line, they got me home through a 25 mile city commute, so I'm glad I had them, but they were a huge pain in the ass to use. I had to stop my car about 5 times on the way home to readjust the autosocks so they wouldn't fall off. Their claim that they center themselves on the tire automatically was not true for me... Also, after 25 miles of city driving, with some streets plowed and some not, they are pretty torn up. I'd say these are pretty close to a single-use product unless you are in a rare situation where they are driving only on clean fresh snow (never the case in the city). They are so filthy after the one use that I don't really want to keep them anyway.
Maybe you'll have a better experience than me if you get a better fit somehow? Who knows... As I said, mine were supposed to fit, and stay in place, but they didn't.

This thing is great! For Mammoth Mountain chain required areas, this thing does the trick. It grips well even in a snow storm. I have 17inch 50 series tires and I had no problems! Easy on, Easy off! I don't need a 4wd car, I save gas, and it only costs me an additional 5 min to put on and 5 min to take off. A no brainer!


AutoSock HP 735 Winter Traction Aid, For High Performance Tires


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