Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tire/Wheel Brush Kit

Tire/Wheel Brush Kit

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  • ASIN: B0002SPC58

By : Magnolia Brush
Price : $14.99
Tire/Wheel Brush Kit

Item Description

This pair of nicely-produced, indestructible brushes are practical, effective and safe for all wheels. Each have hundreds and hundreds of densely packed bristles, feathered at the tip for gentle agitating of any wheel surface, regardless of delicacy. The bristles are sturdy enough to attack tough road grease and grime on your tires as nicely. They are constructed of alkaline- and acid-resistant, 2 fibers, mounted on non-slip, heavy-duty plastic handles.


Tire/Wheel Brush Kit


Product Attributes

  • Contains Each B-42 and B-43
Tire/Wheel Brush Kit

Customer Reviews

For some reason, I have never been happy with the brushes I've tried to use to clean alloy wheels. Either they didn't clean, or they seemed too stiff and I was worried they would scratch the wheels. These brushes are just right. Stiff enough to get the job done, soft enough that they don't seem like they are going to do any damage. In particular, the big square one seems to be the perfect size for my wheels.


Tire/Wheel Brush Kit


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