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EZ Detail Brush

EZ Detail Brush

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By : EZ Air
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EZ Detail Brush

Product Description

I can't even count the number of unique types of brushes and methods I attempted out to clean the backs of wheels. Wine glass cleaning brushes, so-known as spoke brushes that had metal surfaces, towels taped to sticks... the list goes on. I tried anything.
When I very first saw the EZ Detail Brush I was skeptical. I had attempted other brushes of comparable design ahead of, but they weren't with out flaw. Bristles were too stiff for me to be comfy employing on highly-priced wheels, or they were too soft to do any good on dirty ones. Bristles were too lengthy, too brief I swear I was beginning to assume that I was just getting too picky, seeking for a thing that didn't exist or was magically impossible to make. Luckily I was wrong.
The EZ Detail Brush is certainly almost everything that I had been searching for. The bristles are the perfect length to reach into hard to reach locations, and they are stiff enough to clean difficult brake dust and road grime safely. The shaft is flexible to aid with cleaning challenging to reach or complicated to clean parts like brake calipers, spoke backs, and wheel wells. It is durable, safe to use on all wheel varieties, and even hassle-free to clean. There are no exposed metal surfaces to damage wheels. My search for a wheel cleaning brush is lastly more than.


EZ Detail Brush


Item Attributes

  • Readily reaches delicate nooks and crannies
  • Cleans brake dust and road grime safely
  • Durable, flexible, and secure to use on all wheel forms
EZ Detail Brush

Customer Reviews

This brush is great, it cut my wheel cleaning time in half. No more banged up hands and fingers trying to reach the back of the wheel. My only regret is not buying one of these years ago.

I love it before ir was an struggle cleaning my wheels but now its a breeze. Nice product I highly recommend this product its a must have for a car freak like me


EZ Detail Brush


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